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School Policies

 Privacy Notice Governors - June 2019.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Information - Job Applicants.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Pupils Data - June 2019.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Staff & Volunteers & Job Applicants - June 2019.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Vistors - June 2019.docxDownload
 Subject Access Procedure - June 2019.docxDownload
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 Acceptable Use Policy for Pupils 2018.docxDownload
 Accessibility Plan.docDownload
 Anti Bullying Policy Sept 18.docDownload
 Attendance Policy 2018.docxDownload
 Behaviour Policy November 2018.docDownload
 British Values Policy 2018.docxDownload
 Bywell Medical Needs Policy - 2018-19.docxDownload
 Charging Remissions Policy - March 2019.docxDownload
 Child Protection Policy 2018.docxDownload
 Complaints Policy 2018-19.docDownload
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 Child Protection Policy 2018.docxDownload
 Code Of Conduct parents carers visitors September 2018.docxDownload
 Staff, Pupil and Visitor use of personal mobile phones policy 2018.docxDownload
 Whistleblowing Policy September 2018.docxDownload
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