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         Our Teachers:  Mrs Spon-Smith & Mrs Appleyard

Our ETAs: Mrs Weeks & Mrs Hinchliffe       



Our vision statement: 

"In Willow 6, we aim to strive for the best at everything we do.

We always remain positive and focused to show endurance.

In Willow 6, we work as a team. "


Information about our class timetable/routine is as follows:

Our Weekly learning:

Our learning: Week commencing the 8/3/20


English: This week we will use a short animated film called 'The Piano' as a stimulus for writing flashbacks. We will look at how to write an effective flashback: using detail to describe actions and memories; show not tell emotions; flashback language and the correct use of tense. Our grammar focus will help us to develop our understanding of the different types of tenses (simple present, progressive present, simple past and progressive past).


Maths: This week we will recap and develop our understanding on angles and ratio. We will identify the three types of angles (acute, obtuse and reflex), estimate the size of angles and then use a protractor to measure angles. We will use pictures and tables to calculate ratio word problems. Friday's maths lesson will be mental maths and timetables practise.


Spring Term:


Topic: Our topic is the 'Industrial Revolution'. We will begin by looking at why the Industrial Revolution was important to Britain. Through the unit we will look at how cotton spinning, steam engines, iron and coal, canals and trains played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution.


RE: In RE our topic will be Sikhism, we will be looking at the core values of this religion whilst also reflecting upon our own values. We will be learning about important aspects of the religion such as the holy book and places of worship.


Science: Our science topic is 'Evolution and Inheritance' we will begin by investigating what fossils are and making our own examples.  Using our own research we will find out about Mary Anning and use this research to write a non-chronological report about her. Through family pictures we will discover how we inherit certain characteristics from our parents and discuss the idea of whether 'designer babies' are ethical. We will then look at Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and how animals adapt to their environment in order to survive.





PE - Outdoor PE is on Friday afternoon (weather permitting), children need tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt, a jumper and trainers.  Indoor PE is a Thursday afternoon. For this children need black shorts and a white t-shirt. For health and safety purposes, all jewellery and watches must be removed. There will also be opportunities for outside learning on a Thursday (again weather permitting) in which the children will need suitable outdoors and a warm coat for when the weather becomes colder.



Homework will be 30 minutes on TT rock stars over the week and reading 3 times a week (Reading logs must be brought in on a Monday to be checked).

Spellings will be handed out on a Friday in preparation for the spelling test the following Wednesday.

All children must read at least three times a week at home.


TT Rockstars - I hope to have many TT Rockstar champions in our class: in order to stay on top of the leader-board, children should try and log on to their Time Table Rockstar account as much as possible. 


TOPIC PROJECT HOMEWORK: Show your understanding of the Industrial Revolution - why not create a PowerPoint presentation, a diary entry, a story, a leaflet, a 3D model or a poster? The best ones will be used for our classroom display.




Useful websites for English practice (national curriculum spelling word list)


Linked below are our downloadable national curriculum spelling words and Read Write Inc Spell

 Orange words Y6.1.docDownload
 Orange words Y6.2.docDownload
 Orange words Y6.3.docDownload
 Year 6 Unit 1.1.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 1.2.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 10.1.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 10.2.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 11.1.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 11.2.docxDownload
 Year 6 Unit 12.docxDownload
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