Welcome to the Bywell Mindfulness Page

As we work our way through this challenging time, it is important to keep our minds healthy.
Mindfulness allows us to refocus our minds on the present and helps us practise calm breathing. Allow any worries you may have to just melt away as you explore this peaceful mindfulness page. 


 Mindfulness Scripts

These scripts are a great way to allow you to refocus your mind. Ask a parent/carer to read these aloud to you or read them yourself. Find a quite area and begin. You may wish to play the music at the top of this page while reading. Remember to focus on your breath throughout.

 Mindfulness Script 1.pdfDownload
 Quick Guided Mindfulness Cards.pdfDownload
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Mindfulness Videos- Use these videos if you want to practise mindfulness on your own.

 3 steps to calm your mind with mindfulness | PsychologiesMindful ColouringCalm (@calm) | Twitter

Mindful colouring is a great way to refocus on the present.
Focus on colouring each tiny section. Perhaps listen to the music at the top of this page whilst you do it to help you relax. Remember to always focus on your breath.

 Mindfulness Colouring Sheets.pdfDownload
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Breathing Activities-Use these two simple breathing activities to help calm and refocus your mind to the present.

Breathing Activity 1Breathing Activity 2

Yoga-Yoga is a great way to focus your mind and practise mindful breathing. It is also a great way to prepare your body for the day.