Year 3 Learning 

 Welcome to the Year 3 learning homepage.  Here you will find all the information of the learning taking place at school and learning to do at home.


Our Learning: Week Beginning 19th April 2021 


As this week is assessment week, the children will be completing a Year 3 reading test and a Year 3 grammar and punctuation test.


 A new way of teaching maths in schoolsA new way of teaching maths in schools

This week we will be completing 2 mathematic test papers: paper 1 arithmetic and paper 2 reasoning.


Friday Learning


This week's work can be found on Purple mash. The link for Purple Mash can be found at the bottom of this webpage.


Spellings: Can you beat the spelling quiz?


 Reading: Please click on this link: 

Click on 'My Class Login'.

Type in your class username and password (this will have been provided by class teacher/can be found Purple Mash 2DO

Username: Birch3      Password: 3RP2020)

Click on My eBooks.

Select age group.

Now select a book you would like to read today. Complete the activities as you go along.




Your activity will be on Purple Mash and set as a 2do for you to complete and hand in.

Geography: the local area

Dewsbury Town Hall, 2018.jpg

Local Area Study

Where is Dewsbury? What is it famous for? 

What do you really know about the place you live? We are going to be studying the local area, and looking at important areas which have a significant historical interest. 


TT Rockstars

Please try and complete as many sessions as possible on TT Rockstars. The more sessions you complete, the more coins you will earn! Can you be top of the leader board this week? Can you become a Rock Legend? Practice, practice practice!


 The link to Purple Mash and TT Rockstars can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Disney Animation Video Tutorials

Image result for disney sign

Image result for woody    Image result for belle beauty and the beast  

Do you like Disney? Do you like drawing? If you do, then use the links below to access some video tutorials from real-life Disney artists on how to draw some of your favourite and most cherished Disney characters at home. You can pause the videos and draw at your own pace!   Heihei from Moana     Stitch from Lilo and Stitch   Dopey from Snow White             Elsa from Frozen   Minnie Mouse     Joy from Inside Out     Winnie the pooh             Flynn Ryder from Tangled       Anna from Frozen   Orlath from Frozen   Genie from Aladdin     Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story     Pascal from Tangled     Simba from The Lion King     Woody from Toy Story     Belle from Beauty and the Beast  Rapunzel from Tangled

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Year 3 spellings

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 Orange words Y3.3.docDownload
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