Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 4 Home learning page. Each week we will post the work set for Friday afternoon. The children have while Sunday evening to complete these pieces of work.

Please complete the activities to the best of your ability. Each week on Purple Mash there will be some reading, spellings and grammar. Also, there will be an activity set on TT rockstars each week.

Thank you for your continued support with this.


Week 6: Friday 16th October.

Grammar: This week in English we have used prepositions in our work. Please complete the task about Bella and the Farm by choosing the correct preposition to finish the sentence. Some children have work based around the use of a prefix ( mis/ did/ un) to complete the sentences.  


Spelling: The children have been given another 8 orange words to spell. In each class, a number of 'orange' spelling words are on show for the children which are the statutory Year 4 words. The words on Purple Mash are the next set of 8 of these words. Some children have some HFW to spell.


Reading: There is also a reading activity linked to our theme of Ancient Egypt which is on the 'To Do's' section of Purple Mash. Children should read the text first and then answer the comprehension questions. This week Beth and the others are trying to escape from a crocodile! Other children will continue to read and answer questions on 'Anna and the Leaf'.


Please visit TT Rockstars for the maths homework, which is times tables based. Gain coins in the 'Garage' section of the site, but also try a 'Soundcheck' test which gives you 6 seconds to answer each of 25 times tables. Good luck!

Year 4 spellings

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