Year 4 - meet the team! 

These are your teachers in Year 4 this year...

Miss Quayle                      Miss West                         Mr Maniar

Mr Coulston

 Your teaching and learning assistants are...


Mrs Calvert                         Mrs Firth                       Mr Delmont


       A note from the team...    

Although last school year was unprecedented in many ways and there are still things in place to keep everyone safe, we are looking forward to a fun and engaging year ahead. As the Year 4 team, we are honoured and priviledged to have some responsibility for your nuture and education, whilst ensuring you develop the moral and social skills you need in life.

We can't wait to meet you all!

      Learning together...Growing together...    

Learn a little bit more about your teachers...


 Here are some of the topics we will be learning about when you join us... 


History - Ancient Egypt   

Geography - North & South America   

Science - States of Matter   

       Here are websites that you will use during your time in Year 4                    

Below you will find some of the words you will need to learn to spell in Year 4 - why not get a head start!

 Year 4 unit 1a.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 1b.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 2a.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 3a.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 3b.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 2b.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 5a.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 4a.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 4b.docxDownload
 Year 4 unit 5b.docxDownload
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