Year 4  Learning

Here you will find a summary of the week's work and some activities to keep you busy and learning.

Remember to always try your best to be the best you can possibly be!

Week beginning 10th May



This week in school our learning will be: 

Clip Art Newspaper Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

learning about the features of a newspaper report,                                               

what is in the lead paragraph and all about the 5 W's!

A new way of teaching maths in schools             The Money Charity - Financial Wellbeing + Financial Education


In maths we will be recapping what we know about money,

then converting pence into pounds and pounds into pence.  



This week's work can be found on Purple mash.

The link for Purple Mash can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

There is a new story to start, some grammar work and some spellings to learn. Don't forget to practise your times tables on TT Rockstars. If you go to the 'jamming' tab then you can pick your own tables to practise.

You will also need to complete the activities below.


Activity 1


Twang an elastic band. Can you make the pitch higher? Can you make the pitch lower?

Can you use elastic bands and a small box to make a musical instrument?

160 Son ideas | lego military, lego army, lego

Activity 2


Money            Shopping receipts could 'increase your cancer risk – as 90% contain  dangerous chemicals'


               Check your shopping receipt.

Count how many things cost more than £5.

How many things cost less than £5?

Can you find 5 items that cost exactly £10 altogether?  



Activity 3 

The top 10 birds to look out for in your garden - Manchester Evening News                         Get some fresh air.


The Field Science Council and Primary Nature Live have made some suggestions for what to do when you are out for a walk.

Here are their suggestions:

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Here are some other learning opportunities to keep you busy

if you haven't already checked them out.  Sound Energy - Knowledge Bank - Solar Schools


How are sounds detected?

What is pitch?

What is the volume of sound?





Image result for star jumpsPhysical EducationImage result for skipping

 Try and do at least 30 minutes exercise a day, whether it's a short walk with your parents, or running up your stairs 15 times! Joe Wicks is providing PE workouts which children can join in with as and when they please. The videos can be watched live or viewed at a later time. Please follow the link below to view these videos.

Fitness Challenge

Skipping is still a great way to exercise.

Here is a link to Dan the skipping Man for more top tips.

Keep up your activities.

There are lots of ways to keep active and healthy.

REMEMBER: a healthy body makes a healthy mind!

Skipping rope tricks:          

Wonder Woman Workout:

Batman Biceps Battle:


Year 4 spellings

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