Year 5 Home Learning


Welcome to Year 5, thank you for visiting our page. We hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

Week commencing 18/01/21

This week we are focussing on our Geography topic of "Rivers Around The World". Below, you will find a number of activities that you can complete in between your live learning. Have a go at some or all of them, then you can email the school office or tweet your completed projects for us to look at. Have fun!  

Activity 1

River research. Choose a river from the list below and find out as much as you can about it! You can use the internet to help your research and present it however you would like. You could create a poster, and information leaflet, a travel guide or maybe even create a model!


The River Thames

The Amazon River

The River Nile

The Mississippi River

The Yangtze River


Activity 2

If you and your adult are feeling particularly creative you might want to follow this guide to create your own back garden river system.

This project might not be for everyone as it does require some digging in the garden!


Activity 3

Click on the link below to access a video all about how water and rivers help to shape the landscape! Create a piece of work explaining the journey of a river and how rivers and water help change the landscape around them.

PE with Joe

He's back! Joe Wicks will be streaming 20 minute workout sessions at 9.00am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are not in a live learning session, why not start your day with some physical activity. Don't worry if you are in a lesson at that time, the videos will be saved to The Body Coach YouTube channel for you to watch later.


Physical activity is incredibly important, now more than ever! Try and do at least 30 minutes exercise a day, whether it's a short walk with your parents, or running up your stairs 15 times


CBBC Lockdown Learning

Below is the CBBC Lockdown Learning schedule for this week. You can tune in to this in between your live lessons and other activities!


Friday afternoons


Here you will find everything that you need to complete your Friday afternoon home learning. We will be setting learning online for children to complete. Children will have until Sunday to complete the work set on Purple Mash. You will find all the details below.


Friday 22nd January 2021


Reading - Complete your reading comprehension 2Do. Make sure you read it carefully before you answer the questions.


Spellings - You will be practising your spellings words in the style of a quiz. Try and beat your score from last week!


Grammar - Complete your grammar 2Do.


TTRockstars - Log on to TTRockstars and get practicing! We will be checking each week and updating our class leader boards.


Links to both Purple Mash and TTRockstars can be found at the bottom of this page, along with our Orange Words that should be downloaded and practiced at home.  

Year 5 spellings

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