Year 6 Remote Learning

 Welcome to our Year 6 Remote Learning homepage!

This page includes useful information relating to your learning and exciting activities for you to complete at home.


Our focus for the next two weeks is Geography!


 Week commencing 25.01.21


Lesson 1 (Monday): What is the Earth made of?

Lesson 2 (Tuesday) : What are fold mountains? 

Lesson 3 (Wednesday) : How are Volcanoes made?

Lesson 4 (Thursday): How does an earthquake occur?

Your task: Can you design your own volcano? Watch this video to help you or read the instructions on the link below! You could make your volcano out of card or if you are really creative, why not try paper Mache?  

Video LINK




Friday Afternoon Remote Learning: This work needs to be completed on Purple Mash. You have been set a reading comprehension and questions to answer, along with a spelling quiz to complete. Don't forget to go on TT Rockstars!


Physical Education: Physical activity is incredibly important, now more than ever! Joe Wicks will be streaming 20 minute sessions at 9:00am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

If you're not in a live learning lesson, why not start the day with some physical activity?

If you are in a live learning lesson, all videos will be saved so you can take part later on in the day!

Here is the link:


BBC Bitesize are offering Lockdown Learning!

Here is the link:

Why not tune into the Lockdown Learning sessions below?


Why not try these wonderfully creative wellbeing activities?

Year 6 Spellings:

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