Online Safety

At Bywell, we actively teach our children how to keep themselves safe online.  In addition to annually celebrating Internet Safety day, our children have timetabled Online Safety lessons they participate in on a termly basis.  Should there be any concerns/issues that arise in between these times, they are addressed as required.

We expect Parents/Carers to support keeping children safe online by always ensuring that they are supervised when using the internet to access anything, including You Tube.  Seemingly innocent websites/apps/videos can very quickly turn in to content that can worry/distress the children.  Please encourage your children to talk to you about any concerns they may have whilst accessing any online materials.

You will find on this page the most up to date resources that we access to support you with educating your children about how to keep safe.

Are you concerned about MOMO?  Please follow the link below to support you.

Below are safety tips for parents on using different online platforms. Visit for more information on how to help your child stay safe online.