School Curriculum


Due to the pandemic which has resulted in two National lockdowns, our school priority is to teach a recovery curriculum. To ensure that our children are catching up on missed learning, we have adjusted our school curriculum to target these needs therefore as a school, we will be focussing on the core subject skills alongside well-being , PSHE, mindfulness and physical activity.

If you would like to further support your child's learning in foundation subjects, then please refer to our curriculum plans for each year group below.


We have collectively considered the Vision for our curriculum and made changes to the organisation of it as well as reinvigorating some of the topics so they support our children's understanding of our core Christian Values.  Organising the majority of the curriculum in to 'blocks' of learning will enable deeper 'child-led' learning opportunities to take place.  We are really excited about the impact it will have on our children's appetite for learning!

Due to the pandemic and children not having accessed the entire year's curriculum, starting from September 2020, we will begin our new academic year with a recovery curriculum. This recovery curriculum will be based on the previous years work that the children were not able to complete with a focus on key mathematical concepts as suggested by Whiterose Maths Hub. This is to ensure that we have covered any gaps in the children's learning. The recovery curriculum will be taught in Autumn term 1 before we move onto the current year's curriculum.

Year group curriculum overviews 2020-21

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