Transition Arrangements

At this time of the year, we begin our Bywell transition process in readiness for September 2020. As a school, we have had to adapt rapidly over the past few weeks and  create a modified transition programme to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

It is definitely an unusual and challenging time at the moment, and we know you and your child might be feeling worried about the transition into Year 3 this September and we want to reassure you that we’re here for you every step of the way.

In order to follow the government's guidelines on social distancing, we've had to adjust our arrangements for supporting this year’s transition. However, we hope the activities that we’ve planned will help put your child (and you!) at ease and get them feeling as excited as we are for the new school year.

Year 2 to year 3 transition

  • Welcome packs have been sent to all infant schools. These will be available from your child's current school. They will also be available on the year 3 transition page.
  • Transition information about all the children has been collected from the infant schools.
  • A welcome video to support your child joining us in September has been created to familiarise themselves with the school and staff members in their year group. This will be available on the year 3 transition page as well as being sent to our feeder schools.
  • Parents will receive an email informing them of their child's class teacher.
  • New class teachers will be making phone calls to parents to introduce themselves week commencing 13th July.
  • When we return to school in the Autumn term, meet and greet sessions will be held on the 8th and 9th of September. This will be an opportunity for your child and yourself to meet the teacher. These sessions will be booked during the phone call from your child's class teacher.
  • Due to the current situation, we want to ensure your child has a smooth transition into year 3, therefore there will be a staggered start in September. Each year 3 class will be return in September for an initial half day with half of their class. This will either be on the 10th or 11th of September for a morning session including lunch and finish at 1.00pm. This provides children the opportunity to meet some of the members of their class in a less daunting manner. This will be repeated with the other half of the class the day after. Normal timetables will resume the following week.

Year 2 parent welcome pack

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Year 6 transition

  • Information about children has been shared with receiving high schools.
  • Year 6 teachers have liaised with Year Group Leaders to discuss individual pupils and suggest pupils who may benefit from extra transition. The children who have been identified have also been sent an 'Emotionally preparing your child for high school' support pack.
  • Mrs Appleyard has spoken to SENDCo's to discuss provision to support those pupils with additional needs. 
  • To support with transition, we are using the resource- Little fish, Big pond. This has been made available to collect from school or posted out to those unable to collect.
  • We have also prepared copies of 2018 SATs papers for Maths, Reading and Grammar. These are a supportive measure in place to remind pupils of the pitch and expectations of year 6 as they move towards year 7. Arrangements have been made to collect these from school.
  • All year 6 children have been invited back to school in a staggered manner to spend a week with some of their friends and teachers. A mini  celebration has been planned for completing their time at Bywell with a little party at the end of the week. 

Transition throughout the year groups at Bywell

  • Your child's current class teacher will meet your child's new class teacher to exchange key information.
  • Class teachers will be making phone calls to their new class to introduce themselves week commencing 13th July.
  • When children return to school in September, they will be spending the first week focussing on a PSHE curriculum, supporting them to settle back into school as well as getting to know their class teacher.
  • Each class teacher has created an 'All about me' poster. These will be made available on each year group page so children can read these and learn a little bit about their new teacher before September.
  • Children identified as needing additional support will be invited in to school on Monday 7th September to meet their class teacher before school officially starts.

Documents to support you and your child at home

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