Welcome to Year 4

This year we hope we will learn together and be the best we can possibly be.


This is our amazing Year 4 team:

Willow 1 - Mr Mellor and Mrs Turver

Willow 2 - Mr Wailes and Mrs Firth

 Willow 3 - Miss West and Mrs Cromack

 Although last school year was unprecedented in many ways and there are still things in place to keep everyone safe, we are looking forward to an informative and engaging year ahead. As Year 4 staff, we are honoured and privileged to have some responsibility for the nurture and education of your children, whilst ensuring they develop the moral and social skills they need in life. We can not wait to meet everyone!

Read our teacher profiles below to find out a little bit more about us.

The Year 4 curriculum


As well as daily English and Maths lessons, the children in Year 4 will study a variety of topics throughout the year. Our topics for the Autumn term are as follows:


RE: Festivals of Light    


History: Ancient Egypt 



Geography: North and South America        


Science: States of Matter 


Below are some of the spelling words you will learn in year 4. Have a look and maybe even a little practise.

 Orange words Y4.1.docDownload
 Orange words Y4.2.docDownload
 Orange words Y4.3.docDownload
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