Welcome to Year 5

We cannot wait to welcome you back to school for what is sure to be a fantastic year. We hope that you all have a lovely summer and are ready for lots of learning in September! 





Our Year 5 team is:


  • Miss Quayle and Miss Dent (Oak 1)  
  • Mr Coates and Mrs Weeks (Oak 2) 
  • Miss Stubbs and Mrs Teasdale (Oak 3)



Have a look below to find out a little more about your teachers...

The topics that we will be covering in the Autumn term are:


  • Science - Materials. Investigating and experimenting with different types of materials, thinking about why certain materials are more suited for certain uses. Thinking about changes of state, reversible and irreversible changes and conductivity. 


  • History - Ancient Greeks. An in depth exploration of the Ancient Greeks, everything for their culture to their politics. We will also be thinking about the legacy that the Ancient Greeks left behind that we can still see today.


  • Geography - UK and countries in Asia. We will be exploring the continent of Asia, everything from the countries, to the climate. We will also be using geographical skills to locate and compare different areas of the continent.


  • R.E - Pilgrimage. We will be finding out about special places across a variety of different religions, thinking about their significance and history.


  • PSHCE - Being me in my world.



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