Welcome to Year 6!

This is our incredible team:

Hazel 1 - Mrs Edgington, Mrs Teladia-Valli and Mrs Calvert

Hazel 2 - Miss Wolfenden, Mrs Hinchliffe and Mrs Dawood

Hazel 3 - Miss Daji, Mrs Teladia-Valli and Mrs Wood

Hazel 4 - Mrs Spon-Smith, Miss Gharda and Mr Rickell

We are all looking forward to seeing you in September! Be ready to start your exciting Year 6 journey...


Here is a little bit more about the teachers in year 6.

These are the topics we will be covering in the first half term:

  • Science - Light. We will strengthen our understanding of light; how we need light to see, sources of light, how we see objects, reflection of light and the composition of white light. We will design tests to see if different materials block light; we will make shadows and explore how shadows are formed and what affects their size, direction and shape. We will investigate if the resulting shadows differ depending on the material used by including some translucent and transparent materials and note our observations.  
  • Geography - UK and Countries of Australasia. We will locate the UK on a world map and identify the equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Tropics of Cancer, Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctica.  We will also deepen our understanding of the seven continents and five oceans of the world! We will create a comparative fact file and explore the differences between Australia’s biome and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji.
  • History - Mayans. We will gain an understanding of who the Mayans were and how present day religions differ compared to the Mayan era. We will evaluate the similarities and differences of how the Mayan civilisation obtained food compared to how we do today! We will explore the impact of their number and writing system and how it has shaped the world today!

These are the spellings for Year 6:

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